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Series 2 Special Edition

Characters in Wolfteam are there to put a face on the players. Characters used to be for AP only, but now they are compulsory. The starting Red/Blue soldiers have been replaced with William Kroll (Red) and Duane Eddy (Blue). So far, three sets of AP characters have been released, with each set having a blue team male and female, and a red team male and female. Each character also has his/her own unique wolf and set of armor, usually costing AP (Starter character's armor cost gold). Each AP character will also increase your stats.

Series 1 - Angela Mao , Christopher Smith , Adriana Tenorio , Pedro Gomes

Series 2 - Marien Arnault , Reinhard Schneider , Lin Meiling , Hamadah bin Shabah

Series 3 - Tomiya Yasuko , Yigit Demir , Illude Vaganova Ivanov , Geremi Song

3rd series

3rd Generation characters?

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