Developed by Kalashnikov, it is the most wide-spread weapon in the world. It has a powerful shot with 7.62mm caliber, high accuracy, and a simple structure. It takes great skill to control the extreme recoil and on the move shooting though. The ST type which was antiquated is adopted for training purposes, so there aren't any modifications for VS Wolf combat.

This weapon (AK-47 ST) is usable as a basic weapon, which means it can be equipped in the first weapon loadout.


  • It has a high recoil rate.
  • Aim low so you shoot up the body.
  • Crouching (Shift button) is very important with this gun.
  • Fire in bursts to compensate for the recoil.


AKEI-47 Classic

AKEI-47 PT (found in Special 7 Package)

AKEI-47 Gold (found in Gold Box)

AKEI-47 Gold 2 (found in Weapon Jackpot Box)

AKEI-47 ST stat

AKEI-47 ST stats

AKEI-47 PMC stat

AKEI-47 PMC stats


AKEI-47 PT in-game (identical to ST & PMC

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