Cage is what appears to be an abandoned prison, with several lights and cells. It is one of the darkest maps in wolfteam .


Cage is a medium/small map with two levels. The lower is where red team will spawn. It is considerably dark, but wolves in wolfhunt have lights which makes it much easier to see for them.

Lower FloorEdit

The lower floor contains a few cells and a ramp leading to the second floor (blocked at the start of the game with weak stones). A lighted tree has stairs leading to the second level as well.

Second LevelEdit

In the second level, the tree is a very prominent object standing in the middle. The floor of level two is mostly walkable, with some holes large enough to fall through. Four guard houses are positioned thgouhout the four corners of the map, with stairs leading up to a higher position for better shooting. Large lights are placed on each guard house. Around the Map is a defensive wall that you can wall on. It is only accessible via the guard houses, and provide a better shooting range.


  • For blue team, the tree restricts your sight to a degree that you cannot see the opposite guard house.
  • Red team wolves have to option to gain extra health with roar, but that means you will be seen easier.

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