Covolt Bridge


Covolt bridge is a checkpoint which connects Roxanne and Europe. This bridge was usually used by a narcotic trafficker. Because of this, these two countries strictly examine and inspect the people who want to cross the border. Weapons are installed on each side of the border in case of forceful entry.



Covolt Bridge has two bases, a bridge, and an underground area which most people call "tunnels" or "sewers." There are also two parallel 'towers' on each side which have small windows facing the bridge.


  • When in the sniper deck, listen for approaching footsteps at the entrance of the deck.
  • Enemies can blend in with the bridge, and it's especially hard to spot them in the sniper deck.
  • Be sure to warn your team of an enemy approaching your base from the sewers/bridge.

Used inEdit


Ice Hold



Wolf War

Wolf Conquest


Covolt Bridge layout


Covolt Bridge gameplay

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