EF-2000 LM AT


Some which have the Wolf gene are not invovled in any position and looking to survive by themselves. This kind of person expresses their antisocial propensity through painting of the weapon and by increasing the fire power through customization.


  • This is a fairly interesting gun. It has increased accuracy and an ammo counter on the gun itself to help remind you to reload.
  • Use similar tactics to the EF-2000. This is the same weapon with increased accuracy.


EF-2000 WT

EF-2000 PT (found in Full Power 14 Package)

EF-2000 Rookie

EF-2000 SPC

EF-2000 T (found in Camouflage Set)

EF-2000 LM

EF-2000 LM MC

EF-2000 LM AT stat

EF-2000 LM AT stats

EF-2000 LM AT

EF-2000 LM AT in-game

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