It is an anti-tank missile improved in many parts by adopting a brand new launcher. As intensified soldiers like Pride appear, A4 and A5 editions specialized for man-to-man battles also appeared. There are no big differences in it's simple usage and structure but endurance is fortified so that it is no longer under constraint as a one-time use weapon.

This weapon is considered a heavy weapon and will not be available unless the room master has approved of it. This weapon is available in the gold shop and in the Full Power 14 Package.


  • Fire where you expect them to be if they kept moving.
  • Fire at the ground near the target. Do not try to hit the enemy directly.
  • Travel with teammates. A lone human in the front lines is not a good idea. If you're the last one ahead, retreat back into friendly territory and wait for your teammates.

EM72A5 LAW stat



EM-72A5 LAW in-game

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