During the Afghanistan war, light infantry utilized Remington-870 pump action shot guns. At the end of the 20th century, the U.S. Army's Battle Lab started customizing the Remington-870 to make it a compact size and easy to control. C-M system finished the details. This customized model was populary used in the 21st century in anti-terrorism troops with EM-3 semi-auto shotguns. "G.D. CO., LTd." used these weapons for anti-wolf troops with spreading range improvements offset by increased weight.


  • It has great stopping power, but a small clip.
  • It's an automatic shotgun, so it's great in close-mid quarters, but horrible in long range engagements.
  • It's very effective against wolves, especially guardians.
  • It can lead a charge against hiding wolves and have a chance of winning.


EXM-26 CS (found in Full Power 14 Package)

EXM-26 WT stats

EXM-26 WT stats


EXM-26 WT in-game

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