Wt wolf


  • WP Required: 500
  • HP: 200
  • Power: Normal
  • Howl: Low
  • Speed: High
  • Ability: Hide


  • You can right click in midair to do a dive attack.
  • Invisibility is determined by how fast or how still the ghost wolf is. The slower the wolf is, the more invisible it will become. Maximum invisibility is obtained by standing still.
  • Ghost wolves can be detected by a faint heartbeat noise that sounds when the wolf remains invisible. This noise is only heard when in dangerously close proximity.
  • Ghost wolves can cling to walls by holding down the primary fire button while climbing.
  • Ideal for ambushing.
  • When being noticed or engaged, ALWAYS run away. Ghost Wolves can not take too much damage due to low health.
  • While standing still, It's a smart idea to wait until a group of Humans get near you. After they get into perfect range unleash hell.

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