Lin Meiling

Lin Meiling (Sexy Edition)

Lin Meiling is the series 2 female Red team character.


Meiling was born by Dragon head of Triad in Hong Kong. She has thought she should help with her father's business in order to be loved by him, so she finally became sales director equivalent to vice Dragon Head by doing everything. She has made up her mind to involve and negotiate with terrorist Lycan to expand her business without being internationaly watched.

In GameEdit

Lin Meiling appears with a short red and yellow dress, and black hair with two ponytails. She also has two daggers strapped to her right leg.


  • Lin Meiling
  • Lovely Ladies Mystery Box (Sexy Edition version)
  • Valentines Day 2012 (Sexy Edition)
  • Promotional ??/??/??
    Lin's wolf

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