This is a laboratory of Paien located in the Far East Asia where they make cures for hereditary diseases. Since Paien attempted many illegal experiments, their lab needed to be secretly operated in an isolated area. This is where the DNA of ancient wolves was first found and a rough draft of wolf team project was born.


Paien Lab is a linear map with only two different paths. The main path, and a "tunnel" path.


  • Use the tunnels to your advantage. Is the whole team in one area? Use the tunnels and go around them.
  • When going through the tunnels as a wolf, you can repeatedly press the jump button to get higher while wallrunning on the tunnel walls.
  • Enclosed areas are great spots to use a shotgun or flamethrower.
  • Grenades can save you lots of time and ammo. Use them whenever you can, especially RED grenades combined with normal grenades.
  • If you have a high accuracy weapon, try to take out snipers in the sniper decks whenever possible.

Used inEdit


Ice Hold



Wolf Conquest

Wolf War


Paien Lab layout


Paien Lab gameplay

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