The SCAL was made by FN as an alternative of the weapons the American special forces currently use. Based on benefits of the original weapons, it is developed in a concept which enables various strategic operations through modularization such as butt plates having both constriction and folding, and a rail system built onto the receiver and so on. The WT edition is a model adopted by M.E.D.U.S.A, the counter-Wolf Team of G.D.


  • This is a great Wolf killing gun, and is very handy in Wolf Conquest.
  • This gun is surprisingly accurate considering it's power. You don't need the scope upgrade to be efficient with it.
  • You'll run out of ammo quickly with this gun, make sure to pick up ammo along the way.


SCAL SF (found in Mania 16 Package)

SCAL WT stat

SCAL WT stats


SCAL WT in-game

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