This is a bolt action style sniper rifle invented using a theory of scout snipers, which was studied by Jeff Cooper who was a real sniper. It's a bit scant of power to kill an abnormal intense bio soldier like a wolf with one shot. However, it has high reliability by utilizing a traditional mechanism style and new materials. It can be used for middle distance range, but it is specialized to be used in long distance strategies. The ST is your default sniper. The PT comes with different upgrades, including a silencer.

This is the default sniper rifle players start with. It never expires from the inventory and cannot be upgraded.


  • Only get the larger scope if you can't aim very well with the first scope.
  • 1 Shot on a person with full health leaves them with 68 HP. A head shot is one hit kill.
  • The STOUT fires directly ahead when not scoped in, making it possible to get no-scope kills fairly easily.
  • If you have the STOUT T, stick with the weight (-) upgrades and don't buy the weight (+) upgrade. You'll be able to run faster with the gun than with your knife.


STOUT T (found in Mania 16 Package)


STOUT ST stats


STOUT PT stats


STOUT In-game.

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