Secret Lab is small map playable in WolfHunt mode, and an abandoned research facility, similar to Paien Lab but much more evident.


Secret lab is basically symmetrical, with two passages leading to dead ends, a walkway suspended over ground floor, and a two-level ventilation system. Its lighted just enough to see well. The vents are orange, and lighted up, though you can't see very far due to passable screens. Also included are many small platforms. In the centre is a large glowing structure with what appears to be a giant wolf, but unlike the one in Taksim , this one has a ladder. To access the ventilation shafts, you have to go through a one-way passage. Remembering this is a pretty symmetrical map, so there are two passages to climbing up to the shafts.

Playable inEdit

  • WolfhuntR
  • WolfhuntC

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