This is Paien headquarters in Paris, France. It's a secret laboratory deep underground.


This map is split into sectors. The sectors are separated by destructible doors. This map is very blunt; it's basically point and shoot. Only a few of the sectors have raised areas or cover you can get behind. Spawn points are spread out all around the map. Engagements can occur almost immediately.


  • Be fully alert after you spawn. The enemy may have spawned nearby you.
  • After you blow a door, hang back for a second or two; they make a lot of noise and the enemy will be waiting for you to come through.
  • Travel in groups to eliminate the enemy.
  • Utilize the bulletproof glass when defending the bomb site.
  • Use your camping abilities sparingly. It's best just to get to the bomb site and draw their attention to you.

Used inEdit


Destruction s2


Wolf Center layout


Wolf Center gameplay

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