Woflhunt is one of the modes playable in wolfteam, a combination of Destruction S2 and Deathmatch . Blue's goal is to kill all wolves and Red's goal is to kill all humans. There are two Wolfhunt modes: Revolt and Counterattack. In counterattack, you gain health for dealing damage. Wolfhunt Dominate was released on the 2nd February 2012.


When starting, either one or two players will be selected as the wolfking. You can increase your chances of joining red or blue in the shop.

Red TeamEdit

The first wolf king(s) will be Lusian (+50 wp), but other kings can be bought in the shop. The starting wolf king(s) will be the only players on the Red team, but whoever the king kills will be revived as a wolf and removed from Blue team. Kings can reach a total pool of 1000 health.

The new wolf has an appearance of crimson skin with several scratches. It has base health of 300 and a roar of +300. Thrall wolves follow the same rules as the king when killing others. Roaring will increase a wolf's mobility but will increase their visibility.

Blue TeamEdit

Humans (blue) have the option of all weapons they control plus an optional turret for 150 wp. Their max health is 600 plus any additional health they have because of their armor. In Wolfhunt Dominate Humans can revive wolves as humans, similar to red teams ability.


You can play Wolfhunt R, D and C in these maps-



Secret Lab

Secter 7

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